English Football Has A Gambling Problem – Is It Time To Seek Help?

The betting industry is now "at the beating heart of the beautiful game," but a raft of recent incidents have raised serious questions about the relationship between football and gambling.
Alex Hess
the bookmakers' war

A Safe Bet: How Bookmakers Are Waging War on Persistent Winners

Bookmakers are excluding persistent winners as "liabilities". It's perfectly legal, if not entirely fair. But these high-stakes gamblers still find ways to bet – and now the liabilities are starting to fight back.
Ben Halls

UFC 203 Odds: Miocic, Werdum and Gall Tipped to Leave Cleveland With Wins

The betting odds for UFC 203 say Stipe Miocic will defend his title, Werdum will return to winning ways, and CM Punk's first foray will be a failure.
Tom Taylor

Conor McGregor Opens as Betting Favourite for Possible Diaz Trilogy Fight

Just days after Diaz vs. McGregor 2, the early odds for a possible third fight between the two have been released. And once again, they favour the Irishman.
Tom Taylor
Gamble Aware

How Twitter Tipsters Are Profiting on Losing Bets

Operating in an unregulated corner of the internet, Twitter tipsters can earn money when the very people they are advising lose their bets. Despite their ties to major bookmakers, many ignore industry guidelines without facing sanctions.
Ben Halls

Leicester's Odds to Win the Title Were Not 5,000-1 – it Was Way More Unlikely Than That

Never tell me the odds (unless it's to further a media narrative or coax me into deep depression about the futility of life).
Aaron Gordon
he's got a system

The Life of a Professional Gambler

Dirk Paulsen lives purely on football betting, and he feeds his family with it. The professional better speaks to us about gut feelings, trips to Monte Carlo, and the start of the second half of the Bundesliga season.
Katharina Reckers

Balancing the Books of UFC 193

Vegas had their hands full with a ton of last minute action on Holly Holm.
Sascha Matuszak

Duffy, Poirier, and the McGregor Effect

The trickle down from Conor McGregor’s meteoric rise to the top of the UFC featherweight division is having a direct impact on the betting line of his countrymen.
Dan Shapiro

The NFL Has a Gambling Problem

The NFL likes to say it opposes gambling. But the league also banks millions thanks to the increased interest from betting and fantasy sports.
Greg Couch

How Gamblers Use 'Ghost Matches' to Make a Killing

What happens when gamblers run into problems fixing matches? They make up matches that never happened in the first place.
Brian Tuohy