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A Brief Introduction to the Welshmen Who Played Major League Baseball

Wales is by no means a hotbed of baseball talent, but go far enough back in the sport's history and you'll find a trio of Welshmen who played in the major leagues. All three men have uniquely interesting stories, too.
Jim Weeks

Chicago ​Cubs Give Obama Lifetime Ticket to Wrigley Field, Say He's Not Allowed to Sell It

There will be no personal profiteering from being president. There's no way such a conflict-of-interest-free situation would work with Trump, of course.
Dave Brown

Crowd Reacts to NHL's First Gay Kiss Cam

Regardless of whether you think it's a big deal or not, it's a shift in the right direction.
Liam Daniel Pierce
America's pastime

Far From Home: A British Perspective on America's Game

Widely known as America's pastime, baseball is the greatest sporting embodiment of Americana. But what does the sport look like to British eyes more used to football and rugby than home runs and minor leagues?
Ben Halls

Baseball Rookie Celebrates First Home Run All by Himself

And then everyone else.
Liam Daniel Pierce
weird baseball

Carter Capps Might Be Too Weird For Major League Baseball

No one in baseball pitches the way Carter Capps does, and few relievers have pitched as well. But his bizarre leaping motion might be too weird to be legal.
Matthew Kory
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How Baseball Has Spent 96 Years Punishing An Innocent Man For The 1919 Black Sox Scandal

Forget Pete Rose. Even President Obama thinks Major League Baseball should reinstate former Chicago White Sox player Buck Weaver, who was banned for life despite not participating in a gambler-orchestrated fix of the 1919 World Series.
Greg Couch

The First Pitch: Race, Redemption, and American Legion Baseball

In 1934, an American Legion team from Massachusetts traveled to South Carolina for a tournament. When organizers refused to let their black starting pitcher take the mound, they turned back around.
Marty Dobrow

How Major League Baseball Stays White

The Milwaukee Brewers' rapid hiring of Craig Counsell raises a fresh round of questions about diversity in Major League Baseball and why it remains an unsolved problem.
Jack Moore

The Quest to Make Baseball Relevant In Its Birthplace

British national team manager Liam Carroll is tasked with trying to help baseball grow in a country obsessed with soccer.
Jorge Arangure Jr.