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How an Ultrarunning Force Emerged from the Middle of Morocco

The Berbers of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains grow up traversing miles of harsh terrain. Which, local ultrarunner Mohamad Ahansal believes, makes them extremely good distance runners.
Jacqueline Kantor
corporatization of action sports

Is Street League Skateboarding a Sell-Out?

Not everyone is convinced that skateboarding's only pro league is good for the sport.
Sam Blum

Chasing Niagara Falls in a Kayak

Five years ago, pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz set out to paddle Niagara Falls. In doing so, he and his crew would definitely be breaking the law, and someone stood a good chance of dying.
Will Grant

​Chasing the Frontside Grind: One Boozy Evening With Europe's Top Skateboarder

Daan Van Der Linden is currently living every skateboarder's dream – and surpassing his idols in the process. Nonetheless, the Dutchman is staying true to his roots.
Nathan Copelin
athlete nutrition

How to Make a Kick-Ass Burrito with Pro Skater Joey Brezinski

The dude is passionate about burritos. We talked to him about his favorite restaurants, what makes a good burrito, and why skating on a full stomach can be rough.
Will Grant

Meet the Triathlete Who Broke Two Mountaineering World Records and Snapchatted Everest

Having climbed the Seven Summits and reached both poles for a record Explorers Grand Slam, Colin O’Brady has as many high-altitude expedition miles under his belt in the past six months as anyone on earth. We talked to him during his bid for Denali.
Marissa G. Muller
cliff diving

Even the Best Cliff Diver in the World Gets Scared Before the Jump

Gary Hunt is known as the Cucumber on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series tour for keeping cool in a sport where fear is necessary to survive. This weekend, he looks to defend his title and push the limits.
Megan Hart

In Action Sports, Helmets Are Only the Beginning of the CTE Conversation

The news that Dave Mirra had CTE should be a wakeup call for skaters, skiers, and bikers about the importance of concussion diagnosis and recovery.
Will Grant
Roller derby

Meet the Men Bringing Balls to Roller Derby

Roller derby has been a sport long dominated by women. We hung out with local team the New York Shock Exchange to see what the deal is.
Elyssa Goodman

Snowboarding’s Rebellious Teenage Years Are Over

There’s no question about it: the snowboard industry is struggling. We talked to Shaun White, Todd Richards, and others about where the sport goes from here.
Liam Gallagher

A Lot Less Mayhem: Tas Pappas on Family, Church, and Tony Hawk

Australian skateboarding legend Tas Pappas has settled down. And he’s over that whole Tony Hawk thing.
Harmon Leon

How Newport Beach Got Its Very Weird Wave

“Dirty Old Wedge” tells the story of the rise of bodysurfing, and the conflict with other watermen that followed, at one of Southern California’s most popular beachfronts.
Hans Aschim