Arsenal Fan Buys Season Review DVD, Receives Picture of RVP Celebrating Against Arsenal

The life of an Arsenal fan is fraught with pain, suffering, and cruel pranks hidden inside DVD cases

Aug 26 2015, 2:10pm

There are a few joys in life as an Arsenal fan. Gunnersaurus is definitely one of them. The annual pursuit of Karim Benzema – an event so regular that some sections of the fan base have thrown away their calendars and now use this to decipher the time of year – is another.

And then there's the purchase of commemorative DVDs. Remember that great 2009-10 season in which Arsenal didn't win anything? Buy a DVD and live it all again. Don't remember it because you only discovered the club's existence last year? Even better, buy a DVD and watch Andrey Arshavin vacantly roaming the wing like a dying man shuffling up and down a hospital corridor .

But, Arsenal fans, be wary: remember that there are Man United fans out there. They haven't won anything in two seasons while you have greedily eaten up two – TWO! – FA Cups. And their bitterness is leading them to extreme measures.

Seriously, if this is a real thing it absolutely restores my faith in football fans. Even as an Arsenal supporter, opening this, how could you be anything but amused at the lengths a stranger has gone to so as to wind you up? He can't see you when you open the DVD case and gaze at Van Persie, celebrating against you despite modern footballing convention making that act tantamount to grave-dancing on your nan.

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The prankster's joy is that of an eccentric billionaire who leaves a will insisting that large sums of money are thrown in the sea and local people made to swim after them like desperate fish. He cannot see this, gaining satisfaction only through the idea of what it will look like. Similarly, the United fan could only dream about the reaction the RVP picture would inspire. That was his satisfaction. That was all he asked.

And then you tweeted about it. You offered a gift to your tormentor. And perhaps that too is a source of joy for the Arsenal fan.