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beard ball

Big Papi's [Barfs] Old-Ass Beard Clippings Are Back Up for Auction

David Ortiz's four-year-old beard clippings are encased in a glass orb called the Beard Ball. What is wrong with you people?
Liam Daniel Pierce
world series

All Brandon Morrow Ever Needed Was to Stay Healthy

The Dodgers' hard-throwing setup man has always flashed signs of brilliance. Finally healthy, he's now become the dominant pitcher he was supposed to be.
Andrew Stoeten

A Graphic Introduction to the 2017 World Series

Dodgers! Astros! Altuve! Kershaw!
Craig Robinson
world series

With Puig and Gurriel in the World Series, MLB's Cuban Conquest Is Complete

Yasiel Puig and Yulieski Gurriel are dominating this postseason, and a fitting symbol for a new baseball order.
Eric Nusbaum
Donald Trump

Cubs Sneak White House Visit In Just Before Obama Leaves Office

Everyone is scrambling to get things together before Donald Trump's inauguration, including the World Series champion Chicago Cubs, who managed to schedule their White House visit for President Obama's last week in office.
Mike Vorkunov
mlb cba extension

MLB and MLBPA Extend Collective Bargaining Agreement Through 2021

One of the most important changes: the All-Star Game will no longer determine home field advantage for the World Series.
Sean Newell
Chicago Cubs

The Guy in a Cubs Hat Hanging Out in the Vatican Might be the Pope

The Pope got a Cubs hat and a signed ball from the World Series champions.
Dave Brown
rod & ripa

A-Rod and Kyle Schwarber Mash Taters on the Streets of New York with Kelly Ripa

America's TV darling A-Rod still has it.
Mike Vorkunov

​Theo Epstein eats Actual Goat at Wrigley after Winning World Series

The Cubs executives don't believe in curses, "but they were happy to eat that goat."
Dave Brown

A Few Words on a Good Cubs Dog, and the Internet

In a world that's crowded and stuffed with garbage, there is also a photo of a small dog in a Chicago Cubs bandana.
David Roth

Cubs Fans: Try Not to Turn Into Red Sox Fans, Alright?

Chicago Cubs fans stand in a perilous spot: they could become the next Boston Red Sox fans.
Sean Newell
weak in review

Desire, Russell Westbrook, and the World Series to End All World Series: David Roth's Weak in Review

The power of Russell Westbrook's want is what makes him so exciting and distinctive to watch. This week, that desire seemed to be everywhere. It was great.
David Roth