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At Least 'Madden' Refs Got the Saints-Rams Pass Interference Call Right

One simulation even turned the pass interference sensitivity all the way down, and the ref *still* called it on New Orleans. Yikes.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Video Games

Ben Simmons Roasts Hawks While Playing Video Games with Karl-Anthony Towns

The Philadelphia 76ers point guard told KAT he had "plenty of time to play" PUBG ahead of the Wolves game against the lowly Atlanta Hawks.
Liam Daniel Pierce
tecmo super bowl

'Tecmo Super Bowl': The Video Game That Changed Football

Tecmo was more than Bo Jackson, it revolutionized video games and how we looked at real (and fantasy) football.
Patrick Dubuque

The Five Bleakest 'NBA Jam' Pairings in the NBA Circa Now

In 1993, an arcade classic turned two-on-two basketball into a goofy, psychedelic dunkfest. In a 2017 reboot, you would still have to include the Orlando Magic, sadly.
David Roth
Video Games

How Dr. J and Larry Bird Helped Build a Video Game Empire

This year, Electronic Arts celebrates its 35th anniversary. They might not have gotten there without the groundbreaking game 'One-on-One: Dr. J. vs. Larry Bird.'
Patrick Sauer
jock jams

Woo-hoo! 20 Years Ago, Blur's 'Song 2' Became an Unlikely Sports Anthem

'Song 2' went from an afterthought to a smash stadium hit thanks to good timing, and a great chorus.
Rick Paulas

One Jungle Share at a Time: Meet the Bill James of Esports

Analytics are penetrating esports like League of Legends. Tim Sevenhuysen is a crucial voice, breaking down weekly pro games with incisive, illuminating, and often home-cooked stats.
Luke Winkie
Football Manager

German Team Takes Football Manager Game to Real Life

A lower-tier German club has allowed fans to vote on major decisions like signings, starting lineups, and ticket prices.
Sean Newell
remoaning about football manager

Including Brexit In Football Manager Is A Horrible Idea, And Precisely What We Deserve

Even when playing the latest edition of everyone’s favourite football simulator, we will be confronted by the grim misery of Brexit. You get what you vote for, we suppose.
Will Magee
Video Games

Lewis Hamilton to Appear in Next Call of Duty Game

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is to become one of the stars of the next installment of the ultra-successful games franchise Call of Duty.
Jonathan Noble,

EA Sports' Football Game Is Dead Because the NCAA Lives in a Fantasy World

Even the athletes receiving checks from a class action lawsuit settlement want college sports video games back. But thanks to amateurism, the NCAA won't allow it.
Michael Weinreb

VICE Sports Q&A: Former Laker Rick Fox talks about his new Esports team

Rick Fox used video games to bond with his son while he was playing in the NBA. Now he's investing in the growing Esports movement.
Timothy Kimbirk