Brazilian Court Clears Ryan Lochte of All Charges for Rio 2016 Incident

An appellate court concluded that Lochte did not lie to authorities, but rather to NBC, and therefore did not commit a crime of false communication.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Kissy kiss kiss

Gold Medal Runner Blames Smooch Fest With Girlfriend for Drug Test Failure

"Frequently and passionately" kissing your girlfriend could exonerate you from a failed drug test. Who knew?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Mexican Newspaper Calls Pulisic "The New Donovan"

A lot of people were saying that for a while. Then we watched Pulisic show even more potential than the retired USMNT forward.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Darlington Nagbe Nearly Tricks Clint Dempsey into Saying What's Up to Portland

The USA plays Mexico, but that doesn't mean that the Timbers - Sounders rivalry isn't going strong.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Was Pulisic's Promise of a Win at Azteca too Much? A VICE Sports Debate

The Wonderkid is indisputably coming into form on the pitch, but what message does this send?
Aaron Gordon
Liam Daniel Pierce

Landon Donovan Stage Dives off a Food Truck and People Aren't Really Ready

This isn't a cliff jump in Cambodia, Landon.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Puerto Rico

There is a Hair Dye Shortage in Puerto Rico Because of Bleached Blond WBC Squad

Blonds have more fun, even in baseball.
Patrick Sauer

U.S. Performs Nazi-Era Version of German National Anthem At Fed Cup

US Tennis Association president Katrina Adams apologized to Rittner in person and said that the USTA would investigate the cause of the incident.
Liam Daniel Pierce
dirk nowitzki

Meet the German Coach Who Helped Turn Dirk Nowitzki Into an Average Student

Dirk Nowitzki played tennis, handball and basketball and had some problems in school. His former coach Klaus Perneker tutored him through the chemistry performance class and still has some anecdotes to tell.
Dominik Putnai

American Outlaws Remove Part of Tifo Before USA-Mexico Game

The USMNT supporter group has decided to remove a panel of their pre-match display, known as a "tifo," in the wake of Trump's election.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Christian Pulisic

Das American: Christian Pulisic's Spectacular Rise

America may be the world's sole superpower, and the nation that put a man on the moon, yet despite its population of 330 million, it has never produced a single world-class footballer.
VICE Sports
world cup of hockey

Five Reasons to be Excited for the World Cup of Hockey

From the Canada-US rivalry to what promises to be a fun Team North America, we lay out reasons why you should be pumped for the World Cup.
Oren Weisfeld