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The Roasting of John Wall

The Washington Wizards star looks like he's been, uh, enjoying his summer vacation.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Americans Beating Canada Was the Best Outcome for Women's Hockey

Sorry, Canada, but Team USA's gold medal victory will help the game grow even more.
Joe Pack

International Hockey Rules Are a Travesty

Team USA deserved to win the women's Olympic gold medal hockey game over Canada, but the contest being decided by a shootout is pure trash.
Kyle Cantlon
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USA Wins Gold in Shootout, Canada Is *Pissed*

Team USA's Lamoureux twins score a goal each, with Jocelyne netting the game-winner in a shootout, and Canada's Jocelyne Larocque took off her silver medal as soon as she got it.
Sean Newell
pyeongchang 2018

American Sarah Schleper on What It's Like Skiing for Mexico in the Olympics

"A lot of [my husband’s] family has become American and they are really proud of that fact. Now, I am extremely proud of being Mexican."
Kade Krichko

Here's Who Would Have Won Gold if the NHL Went to the Olympics

Canada, Russia, Sweden, and the US are all stacked, robbing us of what was sure to be an insanely fun men's tournament.
Dave Lozo

USA Gymnastics Isn't Talking About the Past—But Maybe It Should!

An independent report says USA Gymnastics needs "a complete cultural change" to better protect athletes from sexual abuse, but doesn't look at who was responsible.
Lauren Green
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Is the NHL Bailing on the Olympics to Protect Team Canada? A VICE Sports Conspiracy Theory

Team USA was set to have a young, fast-paced roster at the 2018 and 2022 Olympics. They are now likely to be denied a chance at winning gold.
Dave Lozo

U.S. Women's Hockey Team's Boycott Threat Appears to Result in New Deal

Team USA is expected to vote on a deal that will end the IIHF World Championships boycott.
Sean Newell
Puerto Rico

Celebrating the WBC, Baseball's Cultural Exchange Program

The World Baseball Classic was hardly a perfect tournament. But at its best, the WBC was a showcase for baseball, and baseball fandom, at its best and most diverse.
Eric Nusbaum
Puerto Rico

There is a Hair Dye Shortage in Puerto Rico Because of Bleached Blond WBC Squad

Blonds have more fun, even in baseball.
Patrick Sauer
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Adam Jones' Catch that Robbed the Dominican Republic May Have Made A Legend of Team USA Yet

Adam Jones gave us something to look out for with Team USA in the WBC future: the legend of the little guys.
Liam Daniel Pierce