What We Know About Corruption in the 2018 And 2022 World Cup Bids

​The FBI and Swiss authorities are currently investigating both bids.
Aaron Gordon

Qatar's New Labor Law Kicks In, Is Basically Old Labor Law

Meet the new labor law, same as the old labor law.
Aaron Gordon
qatar and human rights

Does Qatar's Soccer Policy Put Players at Risk of Exploitation?

Qatar's policy of naturalising players for its national team attracts footballers from across the globe to try their luck in the country. But, given the potential pitfalls of the kafala system, this can leave them vulnerable to exploitation.
Hayden Vernon

Norwegian Cycling Officials Accuse Qatari Policeman of Intentionally Hitting Female Cyclist With Car

The cyclist also insinuated that she was hit deliberately because she was wearing shorts.
Liam Daniel Pierce
qatar world cup scandal

Dutch Trade Union to Sue FIFA Over Modern ‘Slavery’ in Qatar

FNV, the largest trade union in the Netherlands, has decided to take action through the Swiss courts together with a worker from Bangladesh.
UK Sports Staff

What Happens After Countries Finally Start Sending Women to the Olympics

Has growing female participation in the Olympics from countries like Saudi Arabia and Brunei had a meaningful impact at home, or it is just a gesture for a global audience?
Monica Prelle
Rio 2016

Qatar’s Rejuvenated Handball Team Has A Distinct Shortage of Qataris

Qatar's investment in sports is bigger than the World Cup. Their national handball team, which has players from Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, and France—and three Qataris—is proof.
Aaron Gordon
qatar 2022

FIFA to Monitor Working Conditions at Qatar World Cup, 1,200 Deaths Too Late

This is FIFA ethical reform we're talking about here, people.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Ruggie Report: FIFA and Human Rights

Thousands dead in Qatar. Families displaced. Shady contracts. Can FIFA improve its human rights records? John Ruggie, a professor of human rights at Harvard, published a report that could help fundamentally change the organization. Will FIFA follow it?
Brian Blickenstaff
World Cup

The Five-Year Anniversary Of The Baffling 2022 World Cup Vote, The Beginning Of FIFA's Reckoning

Five years ago this week, FIFA stunned the world by voting to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The scandalous aftermath has crippled the organization.
Aaron Gordon

Sepp Blatter Says 2022 World Cup Was "Agreed" to Be in U.S., Among Other Stuff

He also fully supports Vladimir Putin.
Aaron Gordon

FIFA Postpones 2026 World Cup Bidding Process, Valcke Claps Back at Bribery Allegations

FIFA announces that the 2026 World Cup bidding process has been postponed and Jerome Valcke doesn't see what the big deal is about paying off Jack Warner.
Sean Newell