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Kiké Hernandez's Mom Watched Game 5 on a Generator-Powered TV in Puerto Rico

Hernandez slugged three home runs to power the Los Angeles Dodgers to the World Series for the first time since 1988.
Sean Newell
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Let's Analyze Donald Trump's Free Throw Form

The President finally did something for Puerto Rico. What he did was shoot paper towel rolls into a crowd as if they were basketballs.
Sean Newell
Puerto Rico

Celebrating the WBC, Baseball's Cultural Exchange Program

The World Baseball Classic was hardly a perfect tournament. But at its best, the WBC was a showcase for baseball, and baseball fandom, at its best and most diverse.
Eric Nusbaum
Puerto Rico

There is a Hair Dye Shortage in Puerto Rico Because of Bleached Blond WBC Squad

Blonds have more fun, even in baseball.
Patrick Sauer
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Adam Jones' Catch that Robbed the Dominican Republic May Have Made A Legend of Team USA Yet

Adam Jones gave us something to look out for with Team USA in the WBC future: the legend of the little guys.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Javier Baez Celebrates the Rare No-Look Tag at Second Base Before it Even Happens

Javier Baez celebrated Yadier Molina's throw to second before he even tagged the runner out in Puerto Rico's win over the Dominican Republic.
Patrick Sauer

Cameraman Nowhere Close to Picking Up Cult Favorite Tim Ream's First USMNT Goal

The Fulham left back was snubbed by the cameraman.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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VICE World of Sports Episode Guide: Las Grandes Ligas

Cuban ball players are willing to literally risk it all—family, citizenship, finances, and sometimes even their lives—just to get a shot at the major leagues.
Liam Daniel Pierce

MLB to Move Puerto Rico Games Over Zika Virus Concerns

The MLB Players' Union will be making donations to programs that combat the Zika virus in Puerto Rico.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Puerto Rico

The Cautionary Tale of Boxer Esteban De Jesús

Esteban De Jesús was once considered Puerto Rico's best fighters. But drug addiction, which led to his AIDS related death, curtailed his career.
Eric Nusbaum

Carmelo Anthony on the Media Machine, Knicks and Staying Sane in NYC: Stay Melo

“New York is the greatest city on the planet, I think. But you’re not a New Yorker if you don’t wake up some days and be like ‘man, fuck this place.’”
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Stay Melo

STAY MELO: Carmelo is San Juan's Toughest Slum & The Knicks In Puerto Rico

We spent the day training with a group of Knicks and seeing the stadium that will house Melo's Puerto Rico FC NASL team.
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