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Scott Hall's WCW Debut Changed Wrestling Forever

Scott Hall crashed Monday Nitro on May 27, 1996, and pro wrestling has obsessed over the element of surprise ever since.
Ian Williams

The NWA Is Worthless, So Why Did Billy Corgan Just Buy It?

Despite all his rage, Billy Corgan just bought the NWA.
Ian Williams

WWE's House of Horrors Was a Nightmare for All the Wrong Reasons

The House of Horrors match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton was bad because it fundamentally wasn't pro wrestling.
Ian Williams
cum dog

Soccer Player Turned Wrestler Named 'Cum Dog' Stars in Most Scottish Video Ever

Madonna is prominently involved, too.
Mike Piellucci

Katsuyori Shibata, Brain Injuries, and Implications of Japanese Strong Style Wrestling

After a brutal headbutt 30 minutes into a New Japan's Sakura Genesis, 37-year-old Katsuyori Shibata collapsed from a severe brain injury. Now his career may be over.
Ian Williams

WWE Needs to Lose JBL and the Culture That Created Him

WWE can be the family-friendly company or it can be the seedy carnival. It cannot be both, and the crisis surrounding alleged bullying by the announcer JBL shows why.
Ian Williams

WrestleMania 33 in Review: Packed with WWE Moments to Remember

WrestleMania 33 was, by most measures, a really enjoyable show, with some truly classic moments. It wasn't much more than those moments, but that's the point.
Ian Williams
out of hours wrestling

Out of Office: Wrestling

What's it like to combine a demanding sporting passion with regular employment? We spoke to Cieran Donnelly and Danny Duggan – a tag team duo who fight as DND – about balancing a professional life with professional wrestling.
Ben Halls
pro wrestling as discussed in literary circles

The Spectacle of Excess: Pro Wrestling and the Concept of the "Perfect Bastard"

In 1972, the literary theorist Roland Barthes wrote an essay in which he called wrestling "the pure gesture which separates good from evil" and discussed the concept of "the perfect bastard". How much of that holds true today?
Liam Hainey

WWE's Rumored Ring of Honor Buyout, and the Value of History

ROH's libraries represent an important part of wrestling history, which remains tantalizingly out of WWE's circle of control.
Ian Williams

The Hardy Boyz' Broken Legal Woes with Impact Wrestling

The Hardy brothers are the latest to run afoul of the push and pull over creative control in pro wrestling, and theirs is shaping up to be a particularly ugly clash.
Ian Williams

A Collection of Pro Wrestling Moves That Deserve Serious Analysis

In light of Stone Cold Steve Austin's recent breakdown of his most famous finishing move, here are some other ridiculous professional wrestling attacks that we'd like to see similarly (over)analyzed.
Sarah Kurchak