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Report: Jeter Pushes Jeb Out of Marlins Bid

Bush reportedly only had $20 million to offer, and Jeter wanted to assume more control over the operations.
Sean Newell

Marcell Ozuna Snags a Climby-Twisty Catch at the Wall To Preserve No-Hitter

No-hitter maintained. For now.
Liam Daniel Pierce
marlins cat

Marlins Cat Unable to Resist the Intoxicating Allure of Home Run Sculpture

In the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves, a cat climbed its way up from the field to the giant home run sculpture in Marlins Park.
Sean Newell

High and Tight: Marlins Pitcher is Growing and Selling Pot Now

Ryan Tucker went from first-round draft pick, to out of baseball, to marijuana businessman.
Dave Brown

Not Even The Brightness of the Sun Can Stop Bryce Harper From Catching Baseballs

Screw you, sun. You ain't got nothing on Bryce Harper.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Croatian Baseball Fan Emailed Every MLB Team Looking for a Reason to be a Fan. Seven Responded.

This industrious would-be fan reached out to all 30 teams in MLB. Only seven responded.
Dave Brown
Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez was Operating Boat During Fatal Crash

The Florida Wildlife Commission concluded its investigation in to the death of Jose Fernandez and his friends and determined the Marlins pitcher was operating the boat.
Mike Vorkunov
New York Mets

Mets Prospect Makes Absurd Catch on Bat Flying Toward his Face

Luis Guillorme made just about the smoothest catch you'll ever see. It was a flying bat.
Sean Newell
miami marlins

Marlins Reportedly Have a Deal to Sell Franchise for $1.6 Billion

Could Miami really be this close to getting rid of Jeffrey Loria?
Mike Vorkunov

Remembering Jose Fernandez

He lived the best and worst of Cuba and the best and worst of America.
Eric Nusbaum

Jose Fernandez and Friends Had "Strong Odor of Alcohol" When Rescue Divers Found Them

Investigators still don't know who was piloting the boat.
Sean Newell
Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds Fired as Marlins Hitting Coach

Barry Bonds is out as Marlins hitting coach and Don Mattingly reportedly thought his commitment level was not up to snuff.
Dave Brown