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Just Let Ronald Acuña Play Baseball

Last night Marlins pitcher José Ureña drilled the young Braves star with a 97 MPH fastball to the elbow. All because Acuña was on one of the hottest tears we've ever seen.
Rachael McDaniel

Watch Carlos Gomez Beat the Shit Out of Some Water Coolers

The Tampa Bay Rays outfielder is batting under .200. Cut the man some slack.
Chris Toman

Marlins P Jarlin Garcia May Not be an Ace, but He's Dealing and Easy to Root For

He's dominated the Cubs and Yankees, took a no-hitter into the sixth inning against the Mets, and is pitching for his family's happiness.
Rachael McDaniel

Chicago Cubs CF Ian Happ Homers on First Pitch of 2018 MLB Season

The Miami Marlins stink, sure, but who knew they'd open the season like this?
Liam Daniel Pierce

A Definitive Ranking of the Most Unlikable MLB Teams

There's a good chance your favorite baseball team is extremely easy to hate.
Dave Lozo

Derek Jeter Is a Distraction to the Miami Marlins

After gutting the franchise with the Giancarlo Stanton trade, Jeter will not face reporters at the MLB winter meetings this week.
Sean Newell
Butt Rock

Braves Probably Shouldn't Have Played "Rock You Like a Hurricane" Last Night

As Florida braces for the impact of Hurricane Irma, the Braves played the Scorpions song during a game against the Miami Marlins.
Liam Zearce
Glove Huckers

Stanton Hucks His Glove Over the Wall While Trying to Make a Catch

No glove, no love.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Jeets and Jordan

Michael Jordan Joins Derek Jeter's Bid for Miami Marlins

The group is said to be close to finalizing (finally) a $1.2 billion deal to purchase the team.
Sean Newell
sports welfare

Miami's Publicly-Funded Ballpark Won't Make Marlins Owner Jeff Loria Richer

The math behind the baseball team's pending sale shows that while stadium subsidies soak taxpayers, they don't seem to make MLB franchises much more valuable.
Neil deMause
mashed taters

How Many Home Runs will Aaron Judge Hit at the Home Run Derby?

A million? Probably a million, right?
Sean Newell

Foul Tip Cracks Marlins Home Plate Fish Tank, Which Exists Because Why?

It's as if Tony Montana designed Marlins Park.
Liam Daniel Pierce