Formula 1 and Motorcycle Champion John Surtees Dies Aged 83

Surtees was Formula 1 world champion in 1964 with Ferrari and was the only man to win both the F1 and motorcycling grand prix titles.
Pablo Elizalde, motorsport.com
2016 f1 season

UK Formula 1 Viewership Dropped to 12-year Low in 2016

Formula 1's television viewership in Britain fell to a 12-year low last season, with audience figures plummeting by 5.1 million viewers
Jonathan Noble, Motorsport.com
apartheid & sport

Remembering Formula 1's Long Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

By 1985, most sports had long since turned their back on apartheid South Africa, but Formula 1 was still competing there annually. When it finally left, humanitarian reasons may not have been top of the agenda.
Jim Weeks

F1 "Went wrong" When it Started Listening to Fans – Villeneuve

Formula 1 took the wrong path when it started listening to the fans in an attempt to improve the show, believes 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve.
Jamie Klein, Motorsport.com

Manor's Formula 1 Future in Doubt

​The future of the Manor Formula 1 team has been thrown into doubt amid mounting suggestions that the outfit is on the verge of going into administration.
Jonathan Noble, Motorsport.com

Will Teenage Rookie Lance Stroll Show His Talent is Worth More Than His Money in F1?

There is no denying the financial backing from his family has made things easier for Lance Stroll during his career leading to securing an F1 driver with Williams. Now it's time to show he deserves to be there.
Adam Cooper, Motorsport.com
the grand prix prince

The Life and Death of Formula 1’s Pioneering Prince

Two days before Christmas 1985, an elderly man died after suffering a heart attack at Barons Court station in West London. Those who saw him slump to the ground had no idea that he was a member of the Thai royal family – and a part of Formula 1 history.
Jim Weeks

Sex, Drugs and Formula 1: Tommy Byrne's Wild Ride

Tommy Byrne was a gifted young racing driver, but his Formula 1 career was short lived. The exact reasons for this are unclear – though the Irishman's fondness for drink, drugs and women cannot have helped his cause.
Jim Weeks

Former World Champion Says Teens Debuting in F1 Gives Off "Wrong Image"

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve thinks that the influx of teenage drivers like Max Verstappen and Lance Stoll makes Formula 1 look too easy.
Adam Cooper, Motorsport.com
f1 legacies

Schumacher, Rosberg, and the Question of Legacy in Formula 1

Nico Rosberg's abrupt retirement leaves him with a pristine Formula 1 legacy. Contrast this with his former teammate Michael Schumacher, whose failed comeback did little for the German legend's towering reputation.
Jim Weeks

Newly-Crowned Champion Nico Rosberg Announces Retirement From Formula 1

Having won his first world title last weekend, the German driver has made the shock decision to pack it in and call it a day.
Pablo Elizalde, motorsport.com
Formula 1

​The Formula 1 Hopeful Who Played Getaway Driver For The Great Train Robbery

London-born Roy James was an aspiring Formula 1 driver who raced against a young Jackie Stewart. But while the Scot was winning world titles, James was serving a 30-year prison sentence for his role in the Great Train Robbery.
Jim Weeks