The NHL Doesn't Donate To Head Trauma Research, And That's Not A Bad Thing

We shouldn't be encouraging biased industries to fund the science behind it.
Aaron Gordon
rashaan salaam

Autopsy: Rashaan Salaam Died of Self-Inflicted Gunshot to Head

His family said he had shown symptoms associated with CTE.
Mike Vorkunov
nfl concussion settlement

Supreme Court Rejects Appeals Filed by Objectors to NFL Concussion Settlement

The Supreme Court puts an end to appeals made by a class of objectors to the NFL's $765 million concussion settlement.
Sean Newell

The NFL, the NIH, and the Complications of Public-Private Scientific Research

A behind-the-scenes look at the NFL's controversial attempt to fund NIH brain science shows the tension between the league's bottom line and research into football's dangers.
Aaron Gordon

Friday Night Lights Out: The Case for Abolishing High School Football

A Nevada school board candidate wants to eliminate high school football, and a handful of others are making a medical, ethical, and financial case against America's favorite prep sport. Their arguments are unpopular. But are they right?
Patrick Hruby

New Pop Warner Lawsuit Raises Hard Questions About the Future of Youth Tackle Football

A potential class action lawsuit filed against Pop Warner, USA Football, and NOCSAE over brain damage and CTE could help redefine how society views tackle football for children.
Patrick Hruby

Why I Still Watch Football, Even Though It's An Immoral, Terrible Game

There are so many reasons to stop watching football, but there is still one that keeps me coming back.
Kevin Trahan

Down Goes Brown's Grab Bag: That Time the Sharks Mascot Got Stuck in Mid-Air Rappelling from the Rafters

Plus more on Bettman and concussions, Subban "roasting" the Canadiens, and our obscure former player of the week who has one of the all-time great hockey names: Fedor Fedorov.
Sean McIndoe

Eliminating Kickoffs Will Make College Football Safer, But Not Safe

The NCAA is considering eliminating kickoffs in order to protect players from brain trauma. Doing so would be a step in the right direction, but will it be enough?
Kevin Trahan

Could Claims That '20 Years of Brain Studies Are Wrong' Be Wrong?

We talked to experts about a PNAS study on fMRIs that went viral, and what it means for what we know about brain injuries in sports.
Aaron Gordon

Newly Released Documents Reveal NFL Doctors Used Donations To Influence 2012 Government Led CTE Discussions

In May, a Congressional report found the NFL had unethically tried to influence the NIH. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.
Aaron Gordon

In Action Sports, Helmets Are Only the Beginning of the CTE Conversation

The news that Dave Mirra had CTE should be a wakeup call for skaters, skiers, and bikers about the importance of concussion diagnosis and recovery.
Will Grant