down goes brown

Down Goes Brown Grab Bag: Concussions, Hockey Tonk, and Neon

The NHL did something right in how they enforced the concussion protocol, and yet they still managed to screw it up. Sean explains.
Sean McIndoe

Crosby Hit Shows Limits to NHL's Concussion Protocol

The spotters didn't have the authority to pull Crosby from the game because his head hit the boards, not the ice.
Aaron Gordon
head injuries

How Canadians Are Helping in the Fight Against Concussions in Sport

The wheels are moving across Canada, as researchers and doctors are collaborating in labs trying to better understand an injury that at times can appear to be invisible.
Justin Robertson
Brett Favre

Brett Favre is Hawking A 'Game Changer' Nasal Spray for Concussions

Brett Favre appeared on Fox Business to talk up a nasal spray that is supposed to do something for concussions.
Sean Newell
frank wycheck

Former Titans Tight End Frank Wycheck Believes he has CTE, Worries he Could "Snap"

Wycheck is concerned he could "snap" one day like many other former players who experienced his symptoms.
Joseph Flynn

Clemson's Deshaun Watson and Mike Williams Take Shots to the Head, Keep Playing

Targeting could have been called on both plays but the referees did not make the call. And Clemson's concussion protocol quickly cleared Mike Williams after a helmet-to-helmet hit.
Kevin Trahan
nfl concussion settlement

Supreme Court Rejects Appeals Filed by Objectors to NFL Concussion Settlement

The Supreme Court puts an end to appeals made by a class of objectors to the NFL's $765 million concussion settlement.
Sean Newell

Friday Night Lights Out: The Case for Abolishing High School Football

A Nevada school board candidate wants to eliminate high school football, and a handful of others are making a medical, ethical, and financial case against America's favorite prep sport. Their arguments are unpopular. But are they right?
Patrick Hruby
football reform

"Slaughter of the Innocents": When D.C. Considered Banning High School Football

In 1909, one woman kicked off a heated debate in the nation's capitol, pitting skeptical educators against football supporters about whether the sport belonged in schools at all.
Matt Chaney

No Tackling In Practice? Not a Problem in Ivy League Football

The Ivy League just finished its first season without full-contact tackling in practice. It's too soon to definitively state the new measure's effects, but other conferences are already curious.
Gregory Lee Sullivan

Former NHL Star Marc Savard Will Donate His Brain to Science for CTE Research

Savard, who suffered a career-ending injury in 2011, was diagnosed with six concussions throughout his career.
Kyle Cantlon

No, a New Blood Test Is Not Going to Help Football Sideline Testing

Calm down, people.
Aaron Gordon