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mould breaker

The Cult: Andy Murray

Andy Murray has carried the weight of British expectation for more than a decade without ever really capturing the people's hearts. But he doesn't seems to care – and that makes him prime Cult material.
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2016 six nations

2016 Six Nations: European rugby's Toy Story 3 Moment

The Six Nations feels like European rugby's Toy Story 3 moment. The teams are old and battered, everyone around them has grown up, but there is still enough intrigue to reinvigorate the franchise.
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embrace the evil

Novak Djokovic, I Can Make You Loved

It's not your fault you're by far the best player on the planet right now, Novak, nor that people can't beat you – but it doesn't help us love you.
David Whelan

​The Bizarre Truth About Sports Stars Meeting Their Idols

Have you heard the story about the footballer who met his boyhood idol, then stole his wife and got a tattoo of his kids?
David Whelan

Rugby Legend Jonah Lomu Dies Aged 40

Jonah Lomu, one of rugby unions greatest competitors of all time, has died aged 40.
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An Oval World: Six Places Where Rugby is a Religion

As the World Cup draws to a close, we're profiling the places that rugby fans call home, the spots on this earth that have embraced the sport like no other.
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Talking Rugby and the Haka With Maori Cultural Expert Inia Maxwell

The New Zealand rugby team are synonymous with the haka. Ahead of their World Cup semi-final, we spoke to Maori cultural expert Inia Maxwell about the iconic war dance.
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The Essential Songs of the Rugby World Cup

Rugby has a deep and rich relationship with music. From anthems to supporters' songs, it provides a fitting soundtrack to the World Cup.
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a rose by any other name

Fan Changes His Name to 'Man United Dick'

Ladies, form an orderly queue: he tells us he's single.
David Whelan

Should Women be Paid as Much as Men in Tennis?

Tennis – especially in the Grand Slams – is seen by some to be unequal. Women, on average, get paid more per game than men. It's probably the only sport in the world where this is the case.
David Whelan

Does Tennis Have a Race Problem?

The men's game is devoid of diversity and successful non-white female players are described as having a "natural advantage". Does tennis have a race problem?
David Whelan