Eagles RB Corey Clement's HS Counselor Bet Her BMW He Wouldn't Make the NFL

Philly's rookie running back made it, defying the long odds to turn pro. And he came to collect.

Nov 29 2017, 5:26pm

Photo via Instagram

It's not easy to make it to the NFL. In fact, only 1.5 percent of NCAA college players get drafted. And that says nothing of the high school players who wash out before college. So, it'd be a pretty safe bet to put your BMW on the line to bet against a high school kid making it pro. Unless you were Corey Clement's high school guidance counselor. Because he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles now.

Yup, for real. Apparently, Clement's New Jersey high school guidance counselor told him in the 9th grade that if he made it to the NFL, she'd give him her BMW—because he asked about it all the time. Hopefully that was a motivational tactic as opposed to a cynical decision. Either way, it worked.

And it seems that Clement's guidance counselor made good on her word, because here's a screencap of Clement getting the keys handed over to him, per soon-to-be NJ.com sports reporter Zack Rosenblatt:

Clement, an undrafted free agent out of Wisconsin (pfft, technicality), is averaging 4.5 yards a carry and has 4 touchdowns for the league's best team. Seems like the first of many Beamers to come Clement's way. Start making bets with your haters now, kids.