Aaron Rodgers Criticizes Packers Fans for Disturbing Paris Moment of Silence with "Prejudicial" Comment

Aaron Rodgers called out a Packers fan for being an asshole during the moment of silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Nov 16 2015, 3:24am

Prior to every NFL game this afternoon host stadiums asked fans to participate in a moment of silence after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. Only one fanbase, however, was publicly chastised by its starting quarterback. After Green Bay's 18-16 loss to the Detroit Lions, Aaron Rodgers criticized one specific fan during the moment of silence and said "I must admit that I was very dissapointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment that I thought was really inappopriate." He went on to say "It's that kind of prejudicial ideology that I think puts us in the position that we're in today as a world."

Rodgers didn't specify what the person said, but there are several tweets that indicate the person said "Muslims Suck!" and if you listen closely to the first outburst—we increased the volume, but try using headphones, too—it certainly sounds like that's what was said. Several other people chime in after, perhaps to chastise him, there are a few shouts of "Go Pack Go," and then finally a voice of reason. One man yells louder than all: "Have some respect."