Mystery Bettor Won Each Game of World Series and Has Been Letting it All Ride

The "Nostradamus" of this World Series better hope he's not wrong tonight. ( Maybe Dodgers fans, too.)

Nov 1 2017, 8:20pm

Photo by Richard Mackson—USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Biff from "Back to the Future II" exists in real life. Someone seems to have stolen a time machine, nabbed a future sports almanac and returned to 2017 to clean up. Because one bettor in Vegas, picked up by Associated Press's odds provider RJ Bell, has rolled on a perfect streak for the entirety of the World Series and has used each set of earnings to bet on the next game, earning himself a pot of $14 million.

Last night, the bettor threw down $8 million in favor of the Dodgers taking Game 6, and despite what must've been a third inning heart attack—after Springer's homer—he took home an extra $6 million to add to his pot.

Here's what Bell has scraped up on the mystery man:

While Bell hasn't reported where this bettor is putting all of his money yet, some sources are saying he's going all in with the Dodgers tonight.

That might be scary news for Astros fans. "Biff's" almanac hasn't been wrong yet.