Marshawn Lynch Accepts Mexican National Team Jersey That Tom Brady Refused

A reporter tried to compensate for Brady's stolen jersey by gifting an El Tri jersey, and boy it couldn't have found a better home.

Nov 22 2017, 6:40pm

The NFL took a trip down to Mexico on Sunday and things seemed to have worked out for them. With a 76,473 person attendance for Raiders vs. Patriots, it's safe to say the game is popular south of the border.

But since it's not all that often that games are being played in the country, one reporter wanted to engender some good will toward Tom Brady. (little soups?) reporter Francisco Alanis apparently felt bad that the Mexican press was responsible for Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey, so he brought along a Mexican National Team soccer jersey to gift to Brady as an apology.

But, predictably, Brady wince-smiled his way through it and completely ignored Alanis. The jersey needed a new home and boy, it couldn't have done better than where it ended up: in Marshawn Lynch's hands.

Just read a transcript of Lynch's response:

What's up with my amigos? What's up with my Mex, man? You know what I'm talking about? Hey, we got hella Mex out in the town, bro. They be slidin' and hella shit. There's a lot of them in the dubs. They all through the east though. You feel me? I be goin' go fuck with them and hella shit. They be kicking it with me though! You know what I'm talking about? We hella tacos, we hella enchiladas, we hella quesadillas.

That jersey couldn't have gone through a more righteous 14-point swing, resting in the hands of a man who is everything Tom Brady isn't. Marshawn Lynch for ambassador to Mexico.