Big Papi's [Barfs] Old-Ass Beard Clippings Are Back Up for Auction

David Ortiz's four-year-old beard clippings are encased in a glass orb called the Beard Ball. What is wrong with you people?

Oct 26 2017, 2:14pm

When you gaze upon the grotesqueries of the Beard Ball. Jasen Vinlove—USA TODAY Sports

No, seriously, what is wrong with you people? I know you probably personally didn't buy David Ortiz's beard, ensconced in a Trump-in-Saudi-Arabia-like glass orb, but I think we all need to raise our hands and claim complicity in the culture that created it. Because someone actually put Big Papi's 2013 MVP World Series beard trimmings into a glass sphere for...memories? Jesus, what have we become?

Anyway, according to THE Darren Rovell, the "Beard Ball" the unknown owner decided they wanted to put their "precious" back on the market via Steiner Sports for some lucky person to...enjoy?

Props to the West Roxbury barber who took Rutledge Street occupant Jimmy O'Reilly's trimmings and shipped them over to his glassmith buddy down in Southie to bang out an $11K profit on this one. Because who could tell otherwise?