Brett Favre is Hawking A 'Game Changer' Nasal Spray for Concussions

Brett Favre appeared on Fox Business to talk up a nasal spray that is supposed to do something for concussions.

Feb 10 2017, 11:03pm

Brett Favre was on Fox Business today, serving as pitch man for what sure does sound like a scam concussion drug. Favre appeared alongside a Dr. Jacob Vanlandingham to discuss this new drug—which is a nasal spray, by the way—and called it a "game-changer." He is also an investor in the company. There's not much else to go on, other than Favre's point that it is able to change the game, but speed is a big factor.

Here's Vanlandingham:

"By giving it nasally, you can get a lot of the drug real quick, directly into the brain and at the point it diffuses equally throughout all regions of the brain in about 30 minutes. The key to the drug really is, works sort of like three different drugs in one because this drug diffuses into your brain cells and those brain cells are very stressed out after the concussion and it stimulates the DNA to produce three separate products that are beneficial to try to reduce these concussion symptoms. One is it increases anti-inflammatory effects, number 2 it increases the expression of a water channel, which pumps fluid off of the brain, gets it back into your circulation, stops the swelling. And third, and probably most important, it's a powerful antioxidant."

Favre and the good doctor talk a lot about what the drug does—it stimulates DNA, it diffuses into the brain cells—but, they do not say how this nasal spray achieves that. It just does it quickly. Favre is very adamant that all leagues should at least try it out.

On a lighter note, if you watch until the end of the video, you can see the host ask Brett Favre about Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey. He is incredibly salty that everyone is talking about it and not how his own Super Bowl jersey went missing from his first win (against the Pats in New Orleans).

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