Steven Stamkos Is Either a Huge Troll or Wants to Play for the Maple Leafs

Lightning captain Steven Stamkos liked a tweet that wondered whether the Leafs should pursue him. He's since deleted it. It's not the first time he's done something like this.

Dec 9 2015, 7:45pm

Steven Stamkos is at it again.

The Tampa Bay Lightning captain liked a tweet from Canadian media outlet TSN that posed the question, "Should the Maple Leafs pursue Stamkos?" It was the only tweet he had liked. And soon after creating a firestorm on Twitter, he attempted to erase the evidence by unliking the tweet.

But, being the internet and all, these things tend to last forever. Screenshots were taken and it's become another here-we-go-again moment.

The 25-year-old has created similar controversy before. He liked a Hockey News tweet in 2014 that linked to an article that was titled, "Will Steven Stamkos, P.K. Subban or any other young NHL star be the LeBron James of the Leafs?" He later addressed the incident, chalking it up to an accident:

"That was the power of social media right there. You talk about a pocket dial; that was a pocket tweet. It actually happened twice, and it looked terrible. But when you... press the favorite button by accident, an hour later Twitter was blowing up."

Stamkos, coming off a 43-goal season and a few years removed from a 60-goal campaign, has been linked to the Leafs for years. The fact that he's from Markham, Ontario, which is just outside Toronto, has only added to the speculation.

Stamkos, a three-time All-Star, is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. He'll be among the most sought after players on the market and is sure to receive one of the richest contracts in NHL history.

Maybe his finger slipped again and he had another pocket favourite/like. Maybe he simply wanted to bookmark it. Maybe he's a huge troll and enjoys getting kicks out of the hockey community and creating a frenzy among Leafs supporters (that's the one I'm going with). Or maybe he really wants to play for the Leafs and didn't think this one through.

We'll probably never know the reason behind it. But with the Lightning coming to Toronto on Dec. 15, the Stamkos-Leafs rumours aren't dying any time soon.

h/t Puck Daddy