Prank Callers Flood John Tortorella Press Conference

A bunch of pranksters got through to a teleconference with John Tortorella and asked a bunch of nonsensical questions about dolphins and stuff.

Sep 22 2015, 10:39pm

John Tortorella was recently named the head coach of U.S. Hockey for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, and he participated in a teleconference to discuss his new duties. Amazingly, it nearly went off the rails when the first three questions were all from pranksters. The first was from Gil Johnson of—which is not a thing that exists—and after fumbling around for a bit, sounding like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, he told a Yo Mama joke about Torts's mom and hung up after saying "Puck you!"

He was followed by a man who wanted to know what Tortorella's favorite dolphin movie was—Torts did not confirm whether it was the Steve Guttenberg vehicle Zeus and Roxanne—and finally Mike Wilson from the New American Gazette, a name that somehowhas not been scooped up by some local Midwestern conservative rag. Mike wanted to know "when it comes to high-sticking, who wears the biggest jock strap?"

The woman screening the calls apparently had her hands full, which made for the best part, by far: an exasperated Torts (I hope) saying "Jennifer" after every call.

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