ESPN Analyst and Former NFL Safety Ryan Clark Wore a Colin Kaepernick Jersey on 'Mike & Mike'

Ryan Clark provided perhaps the most visible sign of support for Colin Kaepernick on ESPN.

Sep 20 2016, 6:42pm

The movement started by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick shows no signs of abating, on or off the field. Many current and former players have voiced their support of Kaepernick or otherwise joined him in protest, but former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark provided possibly the most overt show of support when he went on the Mike & Mike radio show (which is simulcast on TV) Tuesday morning wearing a bright red Kaepernick jersey.

After the show aired, he took to social media to retweet footage of Terence Crutcher being gunned down by a policewoman during a traffic stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clark also had some choice words for his critics, who it won't shock you to learn, were legion:

Clark has never shied away from controversy. He ripped the league and commissioner Roger Goodell for "hypocrisy" in 2014 after the league went easy on owner Jim Irsay following his arrest for drug possession. He was active in the Players' Association during his career, and even in retirement he has come to the defense of players like Richard Sherman who speak out against the league.