semi ojeleye

Watch this Goddamned Semi Ojeleye Dunk

SMU's Semi Ojeleye unleashed a vicious dunk against USC.
Sean Newell
true crime

Unusual Suspect: The Rise and Fall of Owen Hanson, Former College Athlete and Alleged Drug Kingpin

In a decade, Owen Hanson went from playing football and volleyball at USC to being the subject of a major FBI investigation into drug-trafficking, money-laundering, and illegal gambling.
Eric Nusbaum

Two USC Players Suspended for First Game Amid Rape Investigation

Osa Masina and Don Hill are being investigated for rape in Los Angeles and Utah. Masina is alleged to have snapchatted images of the rape to woman's ex.
Sean Newell
skateboard diplomacy

Meet the USC Professor Who Wants to Solve the World's Problems with Skateboarding

Neftalie Williams sees skating as a tool for cultural diplomacy—something he has experienced firsthand while working with kids in countries such as Cuba, Brazil, Spain, and Afghanistan.
Michael Brice-Saddler
major comebacks

Jack Jablonski Is Finding a New Normal

A freak accident during a high-school hockey game left Jack Jablonksi in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Now at USC, he's trying to move on from his injury while staying involved in the sport he still loves.
Devon Heinen

VICE Sports Q&A: Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett, a Heisman winner and Super Bowl I running back, was recently named athletic director at Cal State-Los Angeles. He reflects on his career as a football player and, later, as Trojans athletic director.
Larry Burnett