Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

That Time Michael Jordan Allegedly Ran Up a Million-Dollar Golf Debt

Just before the 1993 NBA Finals, one of Jordan's golf buddies published "Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction...My Cry For Help!" The book is forgotten, but its lesson is not.
David Roth

The Forgotten Story of the Whizzinator: America’s Favourite Fake Plastic Penis

Former NFL player Onterrio Smith's 2005 airport arrest for possessing the drug-test-beating "Original Whizzinator" generated national headlines and punchlines, but the device's strange saga was just getting started.
Aaron Gordon

When JFK Fat-Shamed America's Youth

In 1960, President-elect John F. Kennedy wrote an article for Sports Illustrated titled "The Soft American," warning that the nation was producing too many large, doughy boys. For better and for worse, his ideas continue to resonate.
Aaron Gordon

Remembering Hakeem Olajuwon's Phantom Quadruple-Double, and the Mystery of NBA Stat Cookin'

Hakeem Olajuwon's near quadruple double on March 3, 1990 was an early indicator that some NBA stats aren't what they seem.
Mike Piellucci

Throwback Thursday (On A Friday): When Vladimir Putin Took Robert Kraft's Super Bowl Ring

In 2005, Robert Kraft handed Vladimir Putin a $25,000 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring. He's never gotten it back.
David Roth
Donald Trump

Jesse Ventura On Trump, Weed, Kaepernick, And Governing Minnesota

Twenty years after he stunned the political world by becoming Minnesota's governor, the iconoclastic former wrestler sounds off on the presidential election, third party politics, and how a tax on legalized gambling could pay for sports stadiums.
Brian Blickenstaff
Throwback Thursday

TBT: Bob Barker Hosts 'Monday Night Raw'

The guest-host gimmick was one of the worst things in 'Monday Night Raw' history, but Bob Barker bucked the trend in a big way.
Mike Piellucci

Throwback Thursday: Ray Chapman, the Only Major League Baseball Player Killed By In-Game Injury

The 1920 death of Ray Champan, who was hit in the head by a pitch, played a significant role in ushering in MLB's Live Ball Era.
Mike Piellucci

Everything You Think You Know About Jesse Owens at Hitler's 1936 Nazi Olympics Is Wrong

It is an accident of history that we can still watch and appreciate Owens's famous race because of a Nazi sympathizer.
Aaron Gordon
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Kentucky Colonels Appoint All-Female Board of Directors

In 1973, the new owner of the Kentucky Colonels appointed his wife and nine other women to run the American Basketball Association franchise. Sexism predictably followed. So did fan enthusiasm and a league championship.
Michael Weinreb
Throwback Thursday

Remembering Roy Keane's Finest Hour for Manchester United

Seventeen years ago today, in the 1999 Champions League semifinals, Manchester United captain and defensive midfielder Roy Keane inspired his team to a historic second-leg comeback win against Juventus. He did it by being everywhere.
Michael Terry

When Bobbi Gibb Crashed the Boston Marathon and Blazed a Trail For Women

Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb had to sneak onto the Boston Marathon course in 1966, becoming the first woman to run the historic race. "But how can we prove that we can do something if we are not allowed to do it?" she says today.
Monica Prelle