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Skater Jagger Eaton is Already a Star, But Can He Hang in the Streets?

"I wouldn't say my life is the typical 16-year-old life."
Hanson O'Haver
Chris Cole

“I’d Like to Film a Proper Line on Vert” and other Revelations from Skater Chris Cole

He likes to invest his money and digs Germany's architecture, too.
Daryl Mersom

Sanggoe Dharma is Indonesia’s 15-Year-Old Skateboarding Prodigy, Balancing High School With Travelling The World

"I suck at school and I hate it, all I think about is skating. I know it's important but school takes a back seat."
Nat Kassel
Barcelona Skate Culture

Marek Zaprazny Explains Why Barcelona Hosts Street League Skateboarding

We asked pro skater and Barcelona resident Marek Zaprazny what draws the world's best skateboarders to the city year after year.
Daryl Mersom

Building Skate Parks In The Developing World Is Thirsty Work

After finishing university Ben Hermans caught wind of an underground philanthropic skate movement operating in half a dozen developing nations and decided to get involved.
Jed Smith
Nike SB

Quit Your Job: Glenn Wignall Skates and Makes Beer for a Living

Glenn's been skating Sydney for over a decade. He tells us about where he thinks the scene's headed.
Dan Bicker
the future of british skateboarding

Skating Paris and London With Kyron Davis and Casper Brooker

We headed to République and Baysixty6 to speak to two of the most exciting young skateboarders to come out of Britain in recent years.
Nathan Copelin

A Tribute to Dylan Rieder from Skaters Who Never Knew Him, But Loved Him

It was impossible to see Rieder at work and not feel the immense desire to skate yourself.
B. David Zarley
wes kremer

Another Way to Live: Wes Kremer on Winning Skateboarder of the Year and Blacking Out in Rome

Skateboarding is currently struggling through an uneasy relationship with the mainstream. That's why it's good that guys like Wes Kramer – uncomplicated, friendly and disinterested in fashion – still exist within the sport.
Nathan Copelin

Skater Brian Anderson on Coming Out: "like a hundred pounds has been lifted off of my body"

"My friends sent me messages or gave me phone calls and said, 'We're so proud of you.'"
Mike Piellucci

Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder

The skateboarding community worships Brian Anderson as a god, but for many years kept his sexuality a secret from nearly everyone in his life.
VICE Sports

Inside The Resurgence Of Women's Roller Skating

Women on roller skates are dominating the world's skate parks, ramps and bowls thanks to Chicks In Bowls and Samara Pepperell.
Mimi LaMontagne