Sweden's Refugee Runners

The refugee crisis in Europe is usually discussed in numbers such as: five million Syrians fleeing their country, 162,000 asylum applications to Sweden in 2015, an 82 percent drop one year later when Swedish parliament voted to toughen immigration laws.
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The Beer Mile World Record Holder Is More Than Just a Gimmick Racer

Corey Bellemore is the beer mile world record holder. The 23-year-old is also one of Canada's top middle distance runners and has his sights set on making the national team.
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Kiwi Twins Both Knock Over Half Marathon in Less Than an Hour

The Robertsons have lived in Kenya for the last decade, and are now the first twins to knock over 21km in an hour or less.
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99-Year-Old Sprinter Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

A USA Track and Field Masters' race pitted a 99-year-old against a 92-year-old because that's the whole point of life.
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Rivals Help Exhausted Boston College Runner Across Finish Line

Yes, that is a huge loss for the other runners' times, but apparently, it was more important to help Adams see it all through. Hugs all around.
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Meb Keflezighi Waits for the Olympic Marathon

American marathoner Meb Keflezighi will start and finish his fourth Olympics on August 21st, the last day of the Rio Games. Until then, he's laying low.
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How Do Elite Athletes Maintain Their Competitive Edge?

Speaking to Kelly Hetherington, Darcy Vescio, Luke Brattan about how they stay sharp.
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Pace and Space: Street Racing Through the Dark Heart of Sydney

When the whole city becomes your race track, the built environment goes from being confining to liberating.
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The Mountain (Running) Men in the Grassroots Fight Against Doping

Mountain, ultra, and trail running is a niche but growing sport. Now some of its most prominent athletes want to stop the rise of doping before it takes root.
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How an Ultrarunning Force Emerged from the Middle of Morocco

The Berbers of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains grow up traversing miles of harsh terrain. Which, local ultrarunner Mohamad Ahansal believes, makes them extremely good distance runners.
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Cash-Strapped Track and Field Athletes Still Fighting to Unionize

Professional track athletes like Adam Nelson and Nick Symmonds want to protect athletes' rights during the Olympics.
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VICE Sports Q&A: Cameron Burrell on His Gold Medalist Father and His Own Olympic Dreams

With coaching from Olympic gold medalist Leroy Burrell and Carl Lewis, Houston junior Cameron Burrell is on track to make his own mark in the running world.
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