Blown Olympic Dreams

The Morality Myth Behind the Modern Anti-Doping Movement

Drug testing in sports did not begin with the intent of creating a level playing field. Instead, early proponents believed sports doping was a "dangerous form of moral deception."
Aaron Gordon

Finally, The Olympics Will Let Women Swim 1,500 Meters

For its entire history, the Olympics has treated men and women swimmers differently. The IOC took a big step to fix that today.
Aaron Gordon
kiwi skateboarding

Spreading the Gospel: Kiwi skateboarder Shaun Boucher on the Olympics, Lee Ralph & sharing skating's good word

"I want to plant the seeds ... of what could happen further down the line. I want to help breed up some really talented skateboarders over in New Zealand.”
Ben Stanley

Go Ahead And Get Excited About 3-On-3 Basketball In The Olympics

It almost certainly won't be as cool as it could be, because the IOC is like that. But let's dream on it for a minute.
David Roth
Rio 2016

Even Rio's Olympic Medals Have Fallen Apart

Are you surprised?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Meet Los Angeles's New Anti-Olympics Movement

"We're not measuring success in terms of how rich anybody is getting. We're measuring success in terms of whether people's lives are better, whether there's a greater degree of equality and democracy in our city."
Aaron Gordon
International Olympic Committee

Official at Both FIFA and IOC Resigns From Soccer-Related Roles Amidst Bribery Claims

The DOJ has indicted or accepted guilty pleas from more than 40 people since it opened its investigation on FIFA in 2015. That tally could soon jump significantly.
Liam Daniel Pierce

With Nine Months to Go, PyeongChang Winter Olympics Faces Possible Room Shortage

The 2018 Winter Olympics bid promised a compact Games, but a lack of accomodations may force fans to stay far and wide.
Aaron Gordon

The Battle for Breaking on the Olympic Stage

Breaking will be included in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, but many breakers fear the dance form is being co-opted for ulterior motives.
Brendan Francis Yu

The NHL's Olympics Decision Is a Dirty Hit on Fans and Players

The Winter Games have represented hockey in its peak form since 1998, but the NHL's decision not to send players in 2018 is business as usual for the League That Hates Its Fans.
Dave Lozo
carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony on the Rise of Athlete Activism

This summer, we crossed the nation with the Olympic captain to explore his role of representing Team USA during a crossroads in this nation's history.
VICE Sports

Parked Up, But Chicago Bound: A Q&A with High-Flying Kiwi Skateboarder Bowman Hansen

"My grandfather got really angry at me when I stopped playing rugby, and started skateboarding."
Ben Stanley