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Jim Harbaugh Calls Out Trump's Proposed Budget Cut for Legal Aid to the Poor

Harbaugh was named to the Legal Services Corporation's Leaders Council last year.
Joseph Flynn
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Ruth's Chris Steak House 'One Percent Discount Per Winning Point Differential' for Michigan vs. Rutgers Game Backfires

They should definitely let Michigan players get the discount as originally promised—they'll need a lot of protein after last night.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Jim Harbaugh's One-Day Australian Camp Shows the NCAA Can Afford to Buy America

Next time NCAA president Mark Emmert says that colleges can't afford to pay athletes, remember that Michigan's Jim Harbaugh organized a one-day football camp in Australia to maybe recruit a punter.
Kevin Trahan

Anthony And Andre Dirrell Are Fighting For Flint, And A Title Shot

Anthony and Andre Dirrell were born 13 months apart, and are both super middleweight contenders. Both want a shot at a belt, and justice for their hometown.
Tim Casey
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The NCAA's Ban on Satellite Camps Punishes Athletes, Not Big-Time Schools

Jim Harbaugh doesn't need satellite camps to attract recruits, but smaller schools and less priviliged high school athletes benefited from them.
Kevin Trahan
Spring Break

Jim Harbaugh Is Annexing Spring Break, And The NCAA Is Pretending To Be Upset About It

College sports officials are expressing concern over Jim Harbaugh's plan to have Michigan's football team practice in Florida during Spring Break. What are they really upset about?
Andy Schwarz