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Croatian Baseball Fan Emailed Every MLB Team Looking for a Reason to be a Fan. Seven Responded.

This industrious would-be fan reached out to all 30 teams in MLB. Only seven responded.
Dave Brown
Jose Fernandez

Report Shows Baseball Star Jose Fernandez was Operating Boat During Fatal Miami Crash

The Florida Wildlife Commission concluded its investigation in to the death of Jose Fernandez and his friends and determined the Marlins pitcher was operating the boat.
Mike Vorkunov

Jose Fernandez and Friends Had "Strong Odor of Alcohol" When Rescue Divers Found Them

Investigators still don't know who was piloting the boat.
Sean Newell

Losing, Loss, And Jose Fernandez: David Roth's Weak In Review

Jose Fernandez's death was a terrible loss for his game and his team. What came after was sad, but also a necessary start on a long journey.
David Roth
Jose Fernandez

​Marlins to Wear Jose Fernandez No. 16 Jerseys Against Mets Tonight

The Miami Marlins will pay tribute to Jose Fernandez at Marlins Park tonight by wearing his uniform number.
Dave Brown

Jose Fernandez Moonbeams a Pitch in Possible Assassination Attempt on Marlins Man

Jose Fernandez now owns Miami like Tony Montana. You are not his little friend, Marlins Man.
Patrick Sauer

Miami Marlins Announce Muhammad Ali's Death Two Hours Before He Died

Maybe karma paid the Marlins back by causing them to lose 2-0 to the Mets.
Liam Daniel Pierce

MLB to Move Puerto Rico Games Over Zika Virus Concerns

The MLB Players' Union will be making donations to programs that combat the Zika virus in Puerto Rico.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Zika Virus

MLB May Cancel Marlins-Pirates Game in Puerto Rico Because of Zika Virus Fears

MLB may cancel a series in Puerto Rico due to Zika virus concerns, but what else can they do?
Sean Newell
Yoenis Cespedes

Fan Makes Outstanding Catch Despite Interference from a Flying Yoenis Cespedes

This fan's concentration never broke, even with Yoenis Cespedes flying into the area.
Sean Newell