vegas golden knights

The First Vegas Hockey Game Was Proof That Sports Can't Heal Tragedy

There were 58 seconds of silence before the Golden Knights' first regular season NHL game in Las Vegas. One for every life lost. But we need to do more to fix our society than symbolic gestures at sporting events.
Dave Lozo

Mayweather-McGregor Is the Ultimate Money Fight

The two aren't the only ones making bank off their superfight. From bars to fans to the state of Nevada, everyone has the opportunity to cash in.
Corey Erdman

Bryn Forbes Is Summer League Steph Curry

The San Antonio Spurs guard has torched his competition over the past few weeks, but what does it mean for his future in the NBA?
Michael Pina

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Paid Out $375,000 to Alleged Rape Victim

There's a constellation of loose parts that string together something of a complete narrative of the alleged incident and a connection to Ronaldo, but there is no direct evidence of the rape and the hush money payment.
Liam Daniel Pierce

​West Sydney's Polynesian Connection Will Be Repping Hard At UFC 209, Las Vegas

Two Polynesians from Western Sydney in Mark 'Super Samoan' Hunt and rising star, Tyson Pedro, will be centre stage on the blockbuster UFC 209 card at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas on Sunday AESTD.
Jed Smith
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How A Million-Dollar Vegas e-Race Will Change The Game

Formula E’s Visa Vegas eRace could be the big chance sim racing needs to crack the mainstream.
Andrew van de Burgt,

If the Raiders Move to Vegas, the NFL Will Lose What's Left of Its Soul

NFL teams move semi-regularly, but the Oakland Raiders feel different. If the franchise bolts, it will be heretical. A betrayal. Hell, it even figures to be bad business.
Peter Richmond
vegas golden knights

The Army Is Looking into the Vegas NHL Expansion Team's Use of "Golden Knights"

The drama is not over yet for Las Vegas's new NHL team.
Joseph Flynn
Sergey Kovalev

From Death in the Ring to a Light Heavyweight Title Bout: Sergey Kovalev

It's no wonder Sergey Kovalev's nickname is "Krusher". Of his 30 victories, 26 have ended in knockouts. The Russian's journey to success hasn't been all highs, however.
VICE Sports

Summer League Superlatives, The Ghost Of Anthony Randolph, And Who Won In Vegas

From "The Anthony Randolph Irrational Excitement Award" to "The Josh Selby 'I'm Not Sure This Is Sustainable' Award," we hand out hardware for the Summer League.
Sam Vecenie

Johny Hendricks Is Done Fighting in Las Vegas

Bigg Rigg lost another decision in Las Vegas. But, maybe he should be looking at solving matters closer to home before blaming the judges.
Jake Hughes
Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers Celebrated Winning the NBA Finals by Partying All Night in Vegas

The Cavaliers enjoyed their victory last night from the locker room to Las Vegas
Michael Brice-Saddler