Positive Sign Girl is the Hero We Need Right Now

A Capitals fan is all about making people feel good about themselves. Finally, a leader in Washington who knows what's up.
Liam Daniel Pierce

After Coming Out as a Transgender Athlete, Jessica Platt Is Ready to Inspire

Platt is the first openly transgender player in the Canadian Women's Hockey League. She told VICE Sports that her message is 'to not be afraid to be yourself.'
Joe Pack
vegas golden knights

The First Vegas Hockey Game Was Proof That Sports Can't Heal Tragedy

There were 58 seconds of silence before the Golden Knights' first regular season NHL game in Las Vegas. One for every life lost. But we need to do more to fix our society than symbolic gestures at sporting events.
Dave Lozo

The NHL has a Problem: All its Fans are Bloody Old

A new report on aging audiences for televised sports provides more proof that the National Hockey League has a problem.
Dave Lozo
nhl playoffs

Predators Fans Keep Tossing Dead Ducks onto the Ice in Nashville

It's like Detroit's octopus-tossing tradition, but with ducks.
Kyle Cantlon
nhl playoffs

The Ottawa Senators Are Worse Than Watching Your Parents Have Sex

Ottawa got to the conference finals by playing a methodical, defensive style that is not pleasing to watch, but it works for them.
Dave Lozo
Vladimir Putin

Decked Out in Hockey Gear, Putin Denies Involvement in Comey Firing

Asked what effect the FBI director's firing would have on U.S.-Russian relations, the Russian president said, "We have nothing to do with that."
Sean Newell
stanley cup playoffs

It's the Capitals' Stanley Cup to Lose

Saying that Washington is one win away from a championship shouldn't be controversial, but because the Capitals have gagged so often, it’s the rare chalky hot take.
Dave Lozo

Forty Years Ago, the Montreal Canadiens Changed Hockey Forever

The 1976-77 Canadiens might have been the best pro sports team in North American history.
Colin Fleming

Former Ice Hockey Star Found Dead at Rehab Center of Suspected Heroin Overdose

Gove, 38, was found at the rehab center Bethlehem Haven, and unnamed sources claimed they found bags of heroin near his body.
Liam Daniel Pierce
conspiracy theories

Is the NHL Bailing on the Olympics to Protect Team Canada? A VICE Sports Conspiracy Theory

Team USA was set to have a young, fast-paced roster at the 2018 and 2022 Olympics. They are now likely to be denied a chance at winning gold.
Dave Lozo

The NHL's Olympics Decision Is a Dirty Hit on Fans and Players

The Winter Games have represented hockey in its peak form since 1998, but the NHL's decision not to send players in 2018 is business as usual for the League That Hates Its Fans.
Dave Lozo