The Night Jack Dempsey Bankrupted a Town

Hoping to garner national attention and draw investors to the small town's newfound oil field, Shelby, Montana went broke hosting a Jack Dempsey fight.
Jack Slack

Michael B. Jordan: Grounded

Actor Michael B. Jordan shares his story, from hoop dreams in Newark to the Hollywood limelight, in the short film, "Grounded.”
VICE Sports

The Making of Gennady Golovkin, Boxing's Silent Superstar

How a boy from a soot-soaked corner of the Soviet empire—a city that grew out of a labor camp, in a society shaped by the warped, paranoid mind of Joseph Stalin—grew into the man they call “Triple-G.”
Finn Cohen

Mayweather Beat McGregor By Not Fighting a Mayweather Fight

Floyd went to 50-0 in his career on a performance that was very un-Floyd like.
Jack Slack

Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki Gave Us a Preview of Mayweather-McGregor

In 1976, Ali and Inoki fought for 15 excruciatingly boring rounds, after which the crowd chanted for their money back.
Mike Meehall Wood

Mayweather-McGregor Is the Ultimate Money Fight

The two aren't the only ones making bank off their superfight. From bars to fans to the state of Nevada, everyone has the opportunity to cash in.
Corey Erdman
the rumble in the jungle

How Muhammad Ali Stunned the World at the Rumble in the Jungle

The Rumble in the Jungle was a fight of such significance that it transcended boxing, perhaps even sport as a whole, to become a moment of 20th century history. This is how it happened.
Jim Weeks
racism in boxing

A History of Racial Epithets In Boxing

From the time of Jack Johnson all the way up to the nineties heyday of British boxing, race has been used to define fighters and ethnicity used to sell fights.
Will Magee

Lenny McLean vs. Roy Shaw: Battle of the Guv’nors

When two of London's hardest mob enforcers went to war in the brutal and dirty world of unlicensed boxing.
Alexander Reynolds

Controversial Decision Aside, Manny Pacquiao Looks Washed Up

To many, Manny Pacquiao beat new WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn in Brisbane this weekend. But the real story is that the Philippine senator is no longer among the sport’s elite.
Alex Raskin
conor benn

Conor Benn On The Future, His Ink and Growing Up With ‘The Dark Destroyer’

Ahead of his return to the ring on the undercard of Frank Buglioni vs. Ricky Summers, Conor Benn speaks to VICE Sports about the life of a fighter and being the son of a boxing icon.
Will Magee

After Only 3 Fights, Claressa Shields Gets Her Title Shot

Being a champion isn't enough for Claressa Shields. She wants to reign in multiple weight classes, simultaneously, and if that happens, women’s boxing will finally have its first true superstar.
Alex Raskin